01. March 2023 | Event

Mark Forster


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With over 50 shows sold out almost without exception, 2019 was a terrific concert year for Mark Forster and his fans. The likeable musician thrilled with a polished show and many little surprises. After a forced break from Corona, he will finally be back on the road live from spring 2022 and finally follow up on the great success of the LIEBE Tour 2019. After numerous shows this summer, he will then embark on a major indoor tour in spring 2023. But what was originally planned as a continuation of the LIEBE Tour now also puts his latest work in the spotlight:

Forster's latest studio album is called "MUSKETIERE" (release 13.08.2021).

Distinguished by maximally personal songs and an unusually private look into his life - without providing fodder for gossip - his new, fifth studio album is a true story. His true story. In doing so, Forster remains true to his musical diversity and writes a declaration of love to music and life in 12 chapters.

For a few months now, Mark Forster has been singing, composing and defining pop in German as artistically sophisticated and unprecedentedly successful as no other. Quasi en passant, he has created a whole series of aphorisms of lasting value in the past decade. Example? "Au Revoir!" What was for a long time exclusively a Francophone farewell greeting has become a universally valid motto since the rise of the likeable man with beard, glasses and cap. That is pop.

Mark Forster is an artist of the small and the large, of the fleeting moment and the lasting memory of musical happiness. In order to finally share this happiness and the special moments with his audience again, he will be coming on a big hall tour through Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland in spring 2023.

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2023 March 1, 8:00 pm

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