08. October 2022 | Event

EDMUND – Finest Leiwand Tour 2022

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Finally, real Austropop again - that's what you often hear when people talk about the duo Edmund from the Wienerwald. But what exactly makes Edmund so successful? Roman Messner and Markus Kadensky write beautiful two-part dialect songs from the gut, combining the best of old Austropop with current songwriting and hitting the mark. In "Freindschoft" they sing about the most important constant in their lives. The song "Zam oid wern" is a hymn about spending your life with a unique partner. Edmund's songs are about failure, getting back up again, and about relationships that are not always as easy as one would wish. Edmund don't mince their words and often express things very directly and with precise language. This is probably exactly what their fans love about them, they speak from the soul. And let's be honest, anyone who chooses Edmund "Mundl" Sackbauer's name as a band name can only be liked.

Edmund's third album "Fein" will be released at the end of January 2022. The band is constantly following its path and delivers Austropop with the necessary pinch of freshness.

For their album "Leiwand", "Edmund" were nominated 3 times for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award. In the categories "Album of the Year" for the album "Leiwand", in the category "Song of the Year" for the single "Leiwand" and in the category Pop-Rock. They won the category "Album of the Year"!  A really nice recognition after several years of intensive work by the musicians Markus Kadensky and Roman Messner, who have distinguished themselves above all by a steadily growing fan base. Their honest Austropop songs hit right to the heart and often get under the skin. The fans love the songs because they get to the point without much ado and speak from people's souls.

The Edmund album "Leiwand" has been in the Austrian album charts for 69 weeks, and gold awards for both the single and the album are coming soon. The debut album "Freindschoft" has already been in the Austrian album charts for the 109th week and was awarded platinum for singles "Freindschoft" and "Leiwand". The albums "Leiwand" and "Freindschoft" have both reached gold status. The singles "Die Blonde mitn Mittlscheitel" and "Prinzessin" with gold. A masterly achievement for the band to manage everything themselves with a mini-team. 25 million streams on their songs on Spotify and around 35 million views of the songs on Youtube is really impressive for a dialect band that has its fans mainly in Austria and Bavaria.

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