08. July 2022 | Event

Ehrlich Brothers | Dream & Fly - The new magic show


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Finally, the Ehrlich Brothers are going on tour with a brand new show. "Dream & Fly" will be the biggest magic spectacle ever produced for a tour. Andreas and Chris Ehrlich will rock the biggest arenas with illusions never seen before; not only in front of the impressive, elaborately staged stage set, but also on a specially built centre stage in the middle of the audience. The two magician brothers magically forge a real Lamborghini out of flames of fire, all in gold. James Bond would turn pale if he saw this unique super sports car take off and fly over the heads of the audience. For the kids, there is an illusion that makes dreams come true: The largest candy jar in the world appears on stage, filled to the brim with treats, which are then distributed among the audience. This is also new: The Ehrlich Brothers will bring their own live band to back up their spectacular illusions with hot grooves and mighty power. Twenty 40-ton trucks are needed to transport the equipment for the mega-show. A first taste will be available on 15 June 2019 at their unique magic show in Düsseldorf's football stadium. With "Magie Träume Erleben" and FASZINATION, the Ehrlich Brothers have thrilled millions of people and ignited a veritable magic fever. Additional shows were scheduled to meet the immense demand. Now it's going to be even bigger, even more spectacular!

Event start

July 08, 8:00 pm

Doors open main entrance

  • 1,5 hours before the event


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