16. April 2023 | Event

Kaya Yanar - Curse of the family


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We cannot choose our family, for some it is a blessing, for others a curse. Should we honour our parents, even if they are idiots? Listen to their advice even if they don't know how to open a door?  
Kaya had a "special family": a strict father, an anxious mother and a highly intelligent but complicated brother. Then there was also the migrant background. He had only two options at the time: Either comedian or loony bin.  
They didn't want him in the loony bin, and Kaya discovered the formula: Comedy=pain + time. Now in his prime, Kaya reflects not only on his childhood and family, but also on himself and his future family. Kaya is determined to become a father and prevent his children from having to write a stage programme one day to deal with their father.

Will he be a good father? Will he have his traumas treated in time? Will he become the family's curse or blessing?  
No idea, but it will definitely be funny in Kaya Yanar's new stage programme: "Curse of the Family", Come, Look, Laugh!

Event start

2023 April 16, 8:00 pm

Doors open main entrance

  • 1.5 hours before the event


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