14. May 2022 | Event

Seiler und Speer


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With their current third album "Für immer" (Forever), SEILER UND SPEER continued their unique success story.
The work immediately stormed to the top of the charts and even after months still persistently stays in the front chart regions.

The singles "Ois OK", "Ala bin" (including orchestra, arranged and conducted by Christian Kolonovits), "Herr Inspektor" and most recently "Principessa" have been and are still being played on the radio stations, the pre-Christmas duet "Servas Du" with Wolfgang Ambros created a contemplative mood and in between the brand new track "Oft host a Pech" enthused fans and critics.
The Covid virus initially put a stop to the big live version of these - and all the other - hits and classics, but of course SEILER UND SPEER are not letting this get them down and are looking forward all the more, together with their fan community, to the catch-up dates as part of the "Tour 2021"!

Event start

May 14, 08:00 pm

Doors open main entrance

  • 1.5 hours before the event


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