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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are several options for obtaining tickets for events at the Salzburgarena. Please buy your tickets from www.salzburgarena.at and official ticket trading partners only!

    • Online booking
      Tickets are can be purchased for the event of your choice at www.salzburgarena.at. Go to the event required and click ‘ORDER TICKET’. You will be automatically connected to the online shop.
      If you have questions about tickets, please contact the oeticket.com ticket hotline: +43 1 96096
    • Ticket office sales
      Customers wishing to purchase a ticket in a ticket office can choose from the following:

      oeticket Center Salzburg (Reisebüro Vorderegger)
      Franz-Josef-Strasse 7-9
      5020 Salzburg
      T: +43 (0) 662 / 87 65 44

      Neubaur Ticket Office (Europark Salzburg, next to the ‘Oval’ event area)
      Europastraße 1
      A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
      T: +43 662 845110

      To locate additional advance sales outlets click HERE.
    • Ticket orders by telephone
      oeticket.com ticket hotline:
      +43 (0) 1 / 96 0 96
  • Depending on availability tickets can also be bought at the ticket window on the evening of the event.

    The ticket window is right next to the main entrance and is open from 2 hours prior to the beginning of the event. Only cash payments can be accepted. There is an ATM (cash dispenser) on the grounds of the expo complex, just outside entrance no.1 leading to hall 1.

  • The print-out of the ticket for concerts and stage shows at the Salzburgarena includes free public transport to the event from anywhere in zone S from 4 hours before the event begins, and includes the ride home again until the end of scheduled services.

    Visitors can also come by car. There are over 3000 spaces for cars at the venue. For more information about how best to get here and the parking fees – click HERE.

    Tip: Salzburgarena visitors can take their car park tickets to the car park pay windows next to the main entrance to gain free parking, and also to the main foyer after admission to the Salzburgarena before the event. This enables visitors to avoid queues at the pay stations and to leave the complex immediately after the event.

    Please note: Payment at the automatic pay stations can only be made after the event.

  • As a rule, entry to the foyer of the Salzburgarena commences 90 minutes before the beginning of the event.

    The inner area of the Salzburgarena is opened for visitors 1 hour before the event begins. Please read the information on your admission ticket, since admission times can vary from event to event.

    Please note that admission times at the venue may be delayed. For safety reasons, there are inspections of all the equipment installed and of compliance with fire safety rules. They are carried out by the building authorities and fire service before every event. Visitors can only be permitted to enter the Salzburgarena when the inspections have been successfully completed.

  • The organiser of the respective event decides whether, and within what scope safety checks are carried out on admission to the Salzburgarena. At concerts with ‘standing room’ accommodation there are always body and bag searches.

    The general rule is that no large items, such as suitcases or travel bags (etc.) can be permitted. Similarly, no dangerous objects, such as weapons, fireworks (etc.). No glass bottles are allowed in the Salzburgarena since they can be used as weapons and broken glass can cause injuries.

    Small handbags, bum bags, fanny packs (etc.) are permitted, but will also be subject to content checks. Umbrellas can be taken into the Salzburgarena premises, but must be handed over at the cloakroom desk for safety reasons. We hope you understand these rules are to ensure your safety!

  • On the 1st floor at Salzburgarena there’s the Bistro & Bar which already opens before regular visitor admission times for the Salzburgarena. It can be reached via the side entrance to the left of the main entrance facing the motorway.

    When visiting the Salzburgarena, holders of a valid ticket for the current event have access to the Bistro & Bar before regular admission to the event hall commences.

    Opening times: The ‘Bistro & Bar’ opens at 17.00 for events beginning at 20.00. For all other events, the Bistro & Bar opens 2 hours before the event is due to begin.

    The Bistro & Bar is the ideal opportunity to get ready for an entertaining evening with refreshing drinks and some culinary delights! Guests can also order a 3-course meal prior to the event – a ‘Dinner on Top’ at the Bistro & Bar. The meal can be booked in the run-up to the event. For more information on your ‘Dinner on Top’ view this link HERE.

    Once the admission period has begun there are also additional bars in the main foyer and the Salzach foyer at Salzburgarena.

  • All events are subject to the provisions of the Salzburg Laws on the Protection of Minors. The Salzburgarena does not generally apply any additional provisions.

    However, for various reasons the Salzburgarena may see fit to apply specific minimum age restrictions to certain types of event. In such cases, this information will be displayed for the event in question or on the www.oeticket.com websites, and can be inquired about by calling the Salzburgarena or in person when purchasing tickets in an official ticket office.

  • There are two separate entrances for ‘standing-room’ concerts

    The main entrance is only for guests with ‘standing room’ tickets and for disabled guests. The entrance for guests with tickets for seated areas is approximately 50m away to the left around the corner on the motorway side of the Salzburgarena. Please follow the signage mounted in the area!

    According to the laws applying to the staging of events, particularly in regard of ensuring there are guaranteed escape routes, the standing and seated areas must be kept completely separate. We hope you understand that it is not possible to move from one crowd section to another during the event. This rule is enforced by the security staff.

    • Tickets for people with disabilities can be purchased from oeticket advanced sales outlets and the oeticket hotline (see point 1):
      oeticket Center Salzburg (Vorderegger travel agency)
      Franz-Josef-Strasse 7-9
      5020 Salzburg
      T: +43 (0) 662 / 87 65 44

      oeticket.com ticket hotline:  +43 (0) 1 / 96 0 96
    • Parking:
      At the Salzburgarena the parking facilities for disabled visitors are in sector P1. For more information on how to get here and how much parking costs – open the link HERE.
    • At the entrances:
      The entrance area at the Salzburgarena and access via the ground floor hallways are barrier free. The Bistro & Bar on the 1st floor can be accessed using the lift located by the staircase at the motorway end of the building. The lift to the (VIP) boxes is located by the staircase at the hall end.
    • Toilets for visitors with disabilities
      Toilets are located in the ring corridor around the Salzburgarena. There is one toilet block in each of the four sectors. The number of blocks in use is dependent upon the size of the event. To avoid unauthorised people using toilets they are locked and can be opened using the ‘Euro key’ valid throughout Europe. The key can be accessed on the www.oear.or.at website. If you do not have the key with you, you can borrow a substitute key from the info desk in the main foyer or from the medical support room in sector A.
    • Seated concerts:
      The spaces for wheelchair occupants are reserved in the first row of blocks 1, 5, 12, and 16. For events attracting up to 2500 people there are spaces located in blocks 7 and 10. Depending on the line of sight these locations can change or be moved by the organiser. These rows provide enough space for a wheelchair occupant and an accompanying person. The seats for accompanying people are allocated by the seating staff on duty at the Salzburgarena.
    • Standing concerts:
      At standing concerts there is a raised podium for wheelchair occupants in front of block 5 to guarantee a clear view of the stage and access is via a ramp. If you have questions while you are at the venue the responsible service staff will be available to help!

    For more information about barrier-free access on the premises – open this link HERE.

  • According to the currently valid laws on the smoking of tobacco (BGBl. I Nr. 120/2008) smoking is forbidden in all public buildings.

    There are two official smoking areas: outside sector A and outside sector B.

    Please note: Please keep your admission ticket with you at all times to ensure re-entry into the Salzburgarena!

  • A doctor and medical staff are present at the venue at every public event to provide immediate assistance to visitors in emergencies.

    The medical support room is in sector A, immediately next door to the disabled toilet.

  • All four sectors of the ring-shaped ground floor corridor around the Salzburgarena have their own service facilities – including a cloakroom, male, female and disabled toilets.

    Which ones are open depends on the scale of the event and the weather situation. The cloakroom fee is €1.50 per item.

    It is our duty to inform you that the laws on the staging of events require all items of outer clothing and accessories – such as coats, jackets rain jackets, umbrellas and walking sticks – to be handed in at the cloakrooms, since coats and jackets hanging on handrails and the backs of chairs can constitute an additional fire hazard and obstruct the rapid exit of crowds in emergencies.

  • Merchandise can be purchased at many events held at the Salzburgarena.

    Sales booths are usually situated in the main foyer.

  • Generally, copyrights and legislation protecting intellectual property forbid the taking of photos and the recording of audio or visual material.

    The degree to which these rules are enforced depends on the management of the artist(s) in question, and such decisions are often only made on the day of the event. This may lead to cameras being temporarily confiscated, or access with such equipment denied at the entrances. As a general rule, unless specifically authorised, professional sound and video recording equipment is prohibited. Exceptions may sometimes be made for small cameras and filming done with smartphones.

  • As a rule, the consumption of food and beverages at events is only permitted in the foyers, in the Bistro & Bar and in the (VIP) box section.

    The degree to which these rules are applied is left up to the management of the artist/s and is quite often decided on the day of the event. This could mean that security staff at the Salzburgarena may request you not to take your food/drinks to your seat or standing area in the arena.

    For safety reasons, drinks sold in the foyers are sold with a deposit on drinking glasses/glass bottles, due to the dangers of broken glass and of injury if bottles or glasses are thrown. The Bistro & Bar on the 1st floor uses reusable crockery only. When leaving this area, your drinking glasses and glass bottles must be returned and any drinks you wish to take with you must be poured into plastic cups. Thank you for your understanding!

    Visitors are not permitted to take their own food and drink on to the premises.

  • Any items found after an event are handed over at the Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH reception desk.

    If you wish to inquire as to whether your property has been found or handed in, please feel free to call: +43 662 24040.

    Subsequent to the event, after a few days any lost and found items or objects left behind are handed over to the city of Salzburg’s official Fundamt (Lost Property Office) at Schloss Mirabell palace.