08. March 2023 | Event

25 Jahre Riverdance


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The myth began a quarter of a century ago: Since the dancers of Riverdance first clicked their shoes across the stage in Dublin in 1995, over 27.5 million viewers have cheered on the most successful dance show to date. The enthusiasm for the breathtaking performance of Irish tap dancing is still unbroken after 25 years. From February to March 2023, the big anniversary show will come to Germany and Austria. Fans can look forward to a revamped and modernised version of Riverdance: Innovative and spectacular lighting technology, elaborate LED walls and new stage and costume designs will ensure a unique dance spectacle. If you can't sit still for Irish tap dancing, you absolutely have to see the original - and that is still Riverdance! The grandiose show can also be experienced in Salzburg on 8 March 2023 in the Salzburgarena.

Exciting facts about Riverdance:
- already over 12,160 performances around the world
- over 27.5 million enthusiastic viewers worldwide (5.4 million of them in Germany alone)
- Performances in 546 venues around the globe
- has been seen in 47 countries and on six continents
- sold over 3 million copies of the Grammy Award-winning album
- Riverdance holds the Guinness World Record for the longest dance chain in the world (1,693 people
along the River Liffey in Dublin on 21.07.2013).

Event start

2023 March 08, 8:00 pm

Doors open main entrance

  • 1,5 hours before the event


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